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Your Home

Virtually all homeowners listen to music, watch TV or use their computer on a daily basis.  LV Electronics can provide you with a system that is customized to fit your lifestyle.   It could be a simple audio and video system that gives you full 1 button control over all your AV gear using a single remote, or a more integrated system that controls the lighting, audio, video, temperature and security in your home.   Home automation and control used to be a thing for the elite - not anymore.   We can now provide you with a sophisticated yet affordable system that can be installed in both new and existing homes.​


New construction allows you unlimited possibilities for an integrated system in your new home. LV Electronics can provide you a system that is customized to your lifestyle as well as ensure that your home is equipped for system upgrades or changes in the future.

We work closely with architects, interior designers, builders, and directly with home owners early in the building process. Meeting at the earliest available stage of construction is important as this ensures that the necessary design and equipment considerations have been incorporated into the architectural plans. Some ideas may require changing floor plans and room dimensions. As well, there may be products and technologies that you were simply not aware of and would now like to incorporate into your custom home. The more time we have to discuss your individual needs, the more educated you will be and the happier you will be with the finished product.

We also work closely with the other sub-trades involved in the building of your custom home. The impact and interconnection of our work with the other systems in the home is often underestimated. We work closely with electricians, cabinet makers and the heating and cooling contractors to ensure proper power feeds and locations of outlets, providing measurements and assisting in the design of appropriate storage for your AV equipment as well as ensuring that all that equipment is properly ventilated to ensure maximum performance and life span.

LV Electronics utilizes a variety of both wired and wireless applications. It is always advisable to install hard wiring. A comprehensive pre-wire provides you more flexibility and the ability to upgrade in the future. It also saves the hassle and cost of wiring after construction is complete, a much more costly alternative. It does not require that all systems are finished out... it simply gives you the option to whenever you choose to do so. The cost of a pre-wire is typically between 1-2% of the total cost of your custom home.

Automation and control is no longer limited to new construction.   Your existing home can now be equipped with the same types of technology and options.   Our solution in most cases is to install a wireless control system called Control4. A wireless control system addresses the dilemma of being limited by the existing wiring or lack thereof.

Control4 is a wireless, IP based system which means that even in existing homes, automation and control of lighting, music, home theatre, climate control and security is attainable.   This system is simple to use and will integrate with your existing audio and video equipment. A basic Control4 system integrated with your existing A/V equipment costs approximately $2500.   Because of the modular nature of the Control4 system, it is possible to start small and add to your system over time.

Maybe you feel its time to upgrade your audio or video equipment. LV Electronics offers a wide selection of products, such as speakers, receivers, projectors, and DVD players.   See our Products page for more details.

Feeling safe and secure is increasingly being assured through home security systems and fire warning and prevention safeguards.   If it is not possible to run wire for the security system in your existing house, LV Electronics can provide you with a wireless security system that can be used standalone or integrated with the Control4 system.

Existing Homes