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Our Solutions

Got your dream concept of control?  We’ll make it a reality. Because Control4 solutions are entirely modular, it’s easy to add more control to your home over time.


Want to turn on a play-list of your favourite music with one touch? Wouldn't it be nice to have the kids listen to their music in the basement while you listen to yours in the kitchen at the same time? How about waking up to your choice of music each morning rather than an annoying alarm clock? We have a number of products and system components to enhance your listening experience. The Control4 controller allows you to listen to multiple zones of music from multiple sources throughout your home. You can access music wirelessly from your computer, external hard drive or MP3 player and allows you to view album cover art and create music play-lists. To finish out the system, we also offer a broad range of receivers as well as in-wall/in-ceiling, bookshelf and outdoor speakers. Tired of using 4 remotes just to watch a movie? Want to have your lights automatically dim once you turn a movie on? Our control system will allow you use one remote to control all your components. We can also integrate your video components with the lighting and climate systems or allow you to control them from the comfort of your couch.

We have used these terms frequently throughout the website but what does it really mean for your home? Integration allows you to control a variety of different equipment and systems in your home and make them work together from anywhere in the house at any time. Control systems allow you to do all of this with just one remote control, touchscreen, or keypad. If you are thinking that this sounds merely just like a universal remote control, think again. The integration of all the systems and equipment is where Control4 really shines. For example, we can program the system so that when you come home from work and disarm the security system, the lights will come on throughout your home to preset levels. Music will turn on to your favourite radio station or CD. When you want to watch a movie, you can simply select Video, which will turn on the TV, the DVD player and the receiver then finally dim the lights.....all with one touch of a button.

Control and Integration

Climate Control

Want to enjoy the convenience of turning the heat up from your bed or while sitting on the living-room couch? We offer a programmable thermostat that can be integrated into your home control system. In additional to the typical offerings of programmable thermostats, this one offers the ability to control it remotely from any Control4 remote or touch-screen throughout your home. As part of the Control4 system, you can integrate this with other systems in your home to do things such as create a complete wakeup routine - turning up the heat, slowly turning on the lights, and having your music come on at a low level - without you having to do a thing.

Lighting Control

Do you think of the "Clapper" when you hear lighting control? Lighting control for your home can be so much more sophisticated. We offer light switches and dimmers as well as outlet switches and dimmers, which can be controlled by a local switch or by remote control, keypad or touch screen from anywhere in your home. And because the switches are wireless, they can be used in both new and existing homes. We will program lighting scenes customized to your lifestyle. It could be a welcome home scene that turns on specific lights in the house at a specified time or with the touch of one button. Or maybe you would like a goodnight scene that turns off all lights in the house with the exception of one that remains on for a few minutes, illuminating your way from the couch to your bedroom. Impressive on its own, lighting control is taken to the next level when integrated through the Control4 system with the other systems in your home.


Remote Access

Would you like to know what time your teenager really got home last night? Or do you want to get an email at work when your 10 year old gets home after school? We can give you more than just an "alarm" system. We can provide you a security system that protects your home and gives you peace of mind. We offer all the standard security system components - alarms, motion sensors, door and window contacts - for both wired and wireless applications. The security system can also be integrated into the Control4 system to give you an additional level of functionality. You can trigger events to occur or interact with other components of your home control system through the use of the contacts and sensors in your home. Examples are receiving an email when a door is opened or having your outdoor lights flash when the alarm system is set off to draw attention to your home.

One additional component of the Control4 system is an option to remotely access the system via the Internet. The benefit of this feature is twofold. First, it gives you the ability to control or monitor all of the system components through an internet connection from anywhere in the world. For example, if you were gone on vacation for a few weeks, you could monitor the temperature in your home and adjust if necessary. Or let's say you have a delivery scheduled to arrive at your home and you can't be there to open the door - you could have the driver call you when he arrives and you could remotely disarm the security system to allow them into your house. The second benefit of this feature is that with your permission it provides LV Electronics the ability to access your system remotely as well. If you were having problems with your system or wanted to have some of the programming changed, we could troubleshoot or do programming without needing to come to your house. This saves us time and you the headache of trying to set-up a convenient time for a technician to do the work in your house. It's simple - remote access allows us to respond to your needs faster.